Soul finding.


Photo abstraite par Maé Sacleux

As art and love are two absolute spheres in which we constantly bathe, they seem impossible to define.
To me, they don’t need defining really, but more sharing and describing.
They let you wandering in your head, ideas and images floating around, assembling to form something else and new. I think that each and everyone of us wants a part in it. Inexplicable forms of travel without moving from your favorite armchair. And then comes the consecration: giving life to thoughts.
The expression of those divine feelings is the ultimate choice.
Either you stand aside and grieve a life you crave, knowing it could never fit, as this dazzling garment you bought, hoping your despair would then fade away.
Or you stand tall and sing words on your own tempo and face this world of ours, knowing it can’t be all there is, because of the wonders on your mind.
And, as they stand in front of you, telling you that your mind is sick because it goes beyond their boundaries, your spirit shall not be broken. You shall then be able to meander wherever you like, and no man will catch you, as long as you don’t abdicate. Don’t agree to heinous acts or narrow minded suggestions when you can provide something greater.
Subjectivity isn’t a crime. Make statements that you own, as long as empathy is in the process, you should never blush when you speak your mind, because others don’t. The wonders of the dialog only operate when each party says what they think in order to learn from others. ”Learn from” as in “discover other points of view”. It is then possible to grow, and help others grow until each and everyone has reached Eden.


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